Benefit from targeted and pre-programmed business meetings with buyers identified by the Business France and Enterprise Europe Network teams!
Whether you are an exhibitor or a visitor to SIAL, we offer you the opportunity to optimize your presence at the show by enjoying appointments with buyers.



How it works ?

1. Consult the list of buyers on our site and pre-register online.
2. Complete your profile sheet and make options to the buyers you want to meet.
Attention: it is advisable to be as precise as possible on the products sold, the production capacity, the marketing mode, etc ... It is possible and advisable to insert photos, brochures, etc ... in order to stand out.
3. Submit your file to buyers by validating your profile. Each application will be studied by the buyers you have pre-selected.
4. You will receive a response from buyers and your agenda a few days before the show.
5. The billing will be launched upon receipt of the agenda, at a rate of 200 € HT by appointment.
6. The appointments will take place in the international reception area in HALL 5.

You will benefit from an appointment of 45 minutes offering you the best conditions to present your products (refrigerators, microwaves, tasting room, ...).



A possibility of meeting between suppliers is open. In this case the access is 50 € HT per schedule (fixed access).


 The registration is now closed.

Deadline for registration 7th October 2018 


200 € before tax by meeting

50€ incl. tax by agenda


Attention for visitors: this registration does not exempt registration on the exhibition website :