French live oysters

What we are looking for:
We are looking for international buyers from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Canada, etc. (importer, wholesalers, etc).

If you are interested in buying live oysters, we will be happy to meet you at the SIAL and to welcome you for a oyster farm tour & tasting at one of our two oysters bars in the Southwest part of France.

What we offer:
Fine and Special oysters, size 0 to 4 farmed in the French Atlantic coast (Brittany and the Southwest of France: Hossegor & Arcachon)

Artisanal production which ensures safety and quality.

500 kg to 5 T per week

Oyster France team will be flexible and responsive to suit your customers' needs.

  • Fresh and semi-preserved fish, molluscs and shellfish
    • Fresh fish, mollusc and shellfish


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