Fromagerie Henri Hutin, the 1st French Brie manufacturer to be certified VLOG non-GMO

What we are looking for:
The cheeses produced by Henri Hutin for USA have all of the attributes for any Export markets (standards requirements, shelf-life, unique texture & taste).
They therefore can be proposed to importers in South America, North Africa and Middle-East.
Target : to build a strong partnership on a long term basis.

What we offer:
La Fromagerie Henri Hutin, located in Lorraine/France, is today a renowned cheese exporting company known for its uncompromising quality and customer service standards.
Manufacturer of soft ripened cheeses, fresh cheeses and soft pressed cheese.
01/2018 : Henri Hutin becomes the 1st French cheese manufacturer to be certified non-GMO and is seen for being industry leaders setting positive examples for all.
Brands well known on the Export markets : Couronne and Belletoile, Belletoile being the very first triple crème ever exported to USA in the 60's.
Merchandising support : On time deliveries, Store-demos, Sales incentives.
Certifications: AEO – ISO14001 – BRC – IFS - HACCP – VLOG non-GMO

  • Dairy products, eggs
    • Soft cheese
    • Uncooked cheese
    • Fresh cheese


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