Foie Gras (duck & goose liver) and poultry specialties

What we are looking for:
We are looking for distributors, importers, wholesalers, gourmet stores... worldwide. Of course, we are also interested in meeting Category Manager for Foie Gras and poultry specialties.

Our purpose is to built, together, long term partnerships.

What we offer:
We offer a large range of duck and goose foie gras: frozen, fresh, semi-preserved and preserved with traditional recipes but also creative ones.
Thanks to their rich gastronomic experience, our chefs developed numerous other products: poultry specialities (duck & goose breast, gizzard, legs), terrines and fine pates... and a non-forced range of products.
The breadth of our range allows us to meet the expectations of importers, retailers, gourmet stores, cash & carry, hotels...

  • Fresh meat and offals
    • Processed meat
  • Fresh poultry and game
    • Duck breast
    • Fresh foie gras
  • Cured and saled meat
    • Other cured meat products
  • Delicatessen, Home meal Replacement
    • Other delicatessen products
  • Preserved and canned foods
    • Canned foies gras, truffles, …
  • Frozen food
    • Frozen meat, poultry, tripes & game
  • Salted spreadable
    • Rillette (pork, chorizo, roasted chicken, duck)
    • Homemade terrine
    • Bistrot terrine
    • Terrine in jar
    • Caviar


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