Française de Gastronomie at the SIAL 2018

What we offer:
Activity :
Manufacturing of a wide range of frozen prepared meals.
We are the world major producer of prepared snails. Other French specialty dishes complete our assortment.

Products :
Canned Escargots
Deep frozen : prepared Escargots, appetizers, stuffed puff pastries, prepared seafood, prepared scallops, seasoning butters, cassolettes and so on…
Our high quality gourmet products meet the requirements of the different markets in terms of taste and innovation. We express our know-how in a wide range of French cuisine food.
Items are available in different recipes, sizes and packaging to adapt the trade channel (Retail, Food Service). Moreover, we enjoy a long export experience to all continents.

  • Preserved and canned foods
    • Canned fish, molluscs, shellfish
    • Preserved foods (others)
    • Other types of preserving
  • Frozen food
    • Frozen ready-made dishes
  • OTHER CATEGORY escargots, coquilles st Jacques, coquillages et grenouilles préparés surgelés. Feuilletés farcis surgelés


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