Importer/Distributor, Retailer from Taiwan

What we are looking for:
Products category:
 Seasonings / Condiments
 Cereals
 Healthy snacks
 Other dry products

Organic products
100% natural (eg. without additives and preservatives)

What we offer:
Products imported from France: none
Products imported from Europe: organic quinoa (Terrasol, Peru), honey (Berestov, Russia), flavoured olive oil (As Pontis, Spain), organic seasonings/cereals (Rinatura Natural Food, Germany), coconut oil (FarmDii Coconut Oil, Thailand)…

  • Confectionery, biscuits and pastry
    • Sweets, candied fruits, candied chesnuts
    • Bakery and viennoiserie products
    • Biscuits, pastry and baking pastry
    • Salted biscuits for aperitives
    • Gourmet biscuit
    • Honey / Royal jelly
    • Corn flakes
  • Chocolate product
    • Biscuit
  • Organic products
    • Organic dairy products
    • Organic cereal
    • Organic vinegar
  • Health food and diet products, baby food
    • Dietetic and diet products
  • Grocery products
    • Salt pepper, spices and seasonning
    • Vinegar, pickles, sauce, condiment
    • Tea and herb for infusion
    • Coffee and coffee substitutes
    • Beakfast products
    • Other grocery products
    • Oil
    • Virgin oil
    • Special oil
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
    • Fruit and vegetables juices
    • Fruits drinks
    • Mineral and spring waters
    • Flavoured waters
    • Other non-alcoholic beverages


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