wild caught northwest atlantic seafood

What we are looking for:
we offer a high quality award winning(iTQi) products. Our seafood is British Retail Consortium(BRC) and Marine Stewardship Council(MSC) certified.
We have our own processing plants and vessels which allows us control and care at every stage of production.
The fishery is regulated, and based on science. The vessel, captain and crew are a registered and licensed.

What we offer:
My husband and I are former fish plant workers and Jim, a former fisherman gives us first hand knowledge of the seafood processing industry. We have family roots in the fishery dating back 100's of years to St Pierre Miquelon, France which adds to our inherent knowledge and experience. We have control of our seafood products at every stage of production - giving us the ability to trace our product right down to the vessel, captain and crew. We offer a sustainable, very high quality seafood

  • Frozen food
    • Frozen fishs, shellfishs, molluscs


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