Craft premium cider producer in France, Cidres Le Brun Bigoud

What we are looking for:
We are looking for buyers / purchasers from distribution chains and retailers; for importers who can cover the distribution of our products in the specialized sector of bars, hotels and restaurants, and others. Also, we look for clients from grocery stores, wine merchants and shops.

What we offer:
We offer various types of ciders and juices as listed below.

Craft cider and Farm cider Le Brun ranges:
• Le Brun Bigouden
• Le Brun Dry
• Le Brun Medium
• Le Brun Sweet
• Le Brun Organic
• Le Brun Rosé
• Le Brun Perry
• Apple juice

Henriot range:
• Farm cider Henriot Dry
• Farm cider Henriot Sweet
• Farm cider Henriot Cornouaille

Export range
• Craft cider Dry
• Craft cider Medium
• Craft cider Organic
• Craft cider Rosé
• Craft perry


• Slow production: 6 months from orchard to bottle.
• Made from 100% fresh apples.
• Apples are sourced from Le Brun’s own orchards (120 hectares).
• All fruits are hand-selected and hand-picked (3 harvests to pick apples with similar maturity levels).
• Harvested apples are kept in specially made wooden crates for 3 weeks so the fruits can dehydrate slightly and produce really concentrated aromas.
• No concentrate, no flavouring, no sugar or no water added.
• Juice is filtered to eliminate residues.
• Long cold fermentation for up to 4 months ( to keep freshness and acidity).
• Natural Sparkling process through second fermentation.
• No pasteurisation.
• Naturally gluten free & vegan friendly.
• 1 tone of apples = 600 Ltr of cider (against 1,000 Ltr at industrial producers).

  • Organic products
    • Organic beverages
  • Gluten free product
  • Other alcoholic beverages
    • Cidres and perry
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
    • Fruit and vegetables juices


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