Gryö - snacks & crackers with plant-based & insect proteins.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for international distributors.
We can also do toll manufacturing for bars.

What we offer:
Gryö is specialized in the manufacturing and selling of products with super plant-based & insect proteins like insects, hemp, spirulina, chia, linseed etc.
How ? Through bars that we produce in Loire Valley and a new range of crackers that is a healthy and tasty alternative to bread and chips. Our bars are made with fruits & nuts whilst our crackers are a blend of sun-grown veggies and sprouted seeds. Each product is associated to one super protein.

All our products are organic, vegan (except the insect range), gluten, soy, wheat and sugar free, and a good source of protein and fibre.

  • Organic products
    • Organic sweetened and bread-making products
    • Organic grocery products
    • Organic chips
  • Gluten free product
  • Insect based Product
  • Grocery products
    • Chips


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