Importer and distributor from USA

What we are looking for:
Products categories:
Sauces and Condiments

Axes :
Food service
Grocery specialities
Organic products

What we offer:
Weiss (chocolat), Rougié (foie gras), Caullet (nappages pâtissiers, fondant, pâte d'amande,..), Ofrabrick (feuilles de brick surgelées), Toques De France (alcool pour cuisine et pâtisserie), Fallot (moutarde), Mille et une Feuilles (feuilles de briques surgelées), Le Mas Des Abeilles (miels), Gelatina (vrai gélatine d’Allemagne).
Products imported from France: 30% of their portfiolio – Chocolate and chocolate products, Bakery and viennoiserie products, grocery specialities and ingredients for foodservice
Products imported from Europe: Various

  • Confectionery, biscuits and pastry
    • Bakery and viennoiserie products
    • Salted biscuits for aperitives
  • Organic products
    • Organic grocery products
  • Salted spreadable
    • Tapenade (Provençal condiment and black olive)
    • Olive paste
    • Pesto de Nice® (basil, without cheese)
    • Tourmatine® (tomatoe and green olive pulp)
    • Bagna Cuda (anchovies, garlic and walnuts)
    • Aubergine dip (traditional mediteranean high end recipe)
    • Homemade terrine
    • Bistrot terrine
    • Terrine in jar
    • Pistou
    • Caviar
  • Grocery products
    • Salt pepper, spices and seasonning
    • Vinegar, pickles, sauce, condiment
    • Other grocery products


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