Foies Gras Georges BRUCK - Alsace

What we are looking for:
Importers and distributors.
Fine grocery stores, hotels, restaurants ...

What we offer:
Georges Bruck is a family business founded in 1852 and one of the most famous producers of foie gras. Vincent HEUSCH is the fifth generation to run the business.
We supply delicatessens, specialty food stores as well as luxury hotels and restaurants in France and abroad.
Georges Bruck's export sales represent more than 40% of the company's total sales: Europe, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, South East Asia.
The company is renowned for its highly skilled manufacturing process and long-standing manufacturing expertise.
Range of products adapted for RETAIL and FOOD SERVICE:
Raw goose or duck foie gras
Fresh and frozen goose or duck foie gras
Half-cooked foie gras and preserves.
Fine pates

  • Fresh poultry and game
    • Fresh foie gras
  • Preserved and canned foods
    • Canned foies gras, truffles, …


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