Sauces and culinary aids

What we are looking for:
We are looking for manufacturers of meat / poultry / fish / pasta / egg / vegetables to which we can propose our doses of sauces in associative to include directly in the tray. our doses are suitable for food contact.
We are also looking for BIO professionals who wish to launch a range of sauce to its brand.
We are looking for importer and distributors.

What we offer:
We sell sauces (meat / fish / dough / rice / vegetables) and culinary aids type marinades / juices / bottoms and spreads.
We propose a dose package to associate the portion directly in the meat or fish tray.
We can also create industrial brand sauces, it will use our know-how and industrial tool (certified IFS / BRC / FDA / BIO).
  Our products have a shelf life of 12 to 24 months, no coloring or preservatives.
We propose organic products (and healty) in innovative format as the indiviual shelstable portion and also in jar. We also can propose Halal sauces and marinades.

  • Dairy products, eggs
    • Eggs
  • Fresh meat and offals
    • Vacuum packed fresh meat and muscle
    • Fresh prepared meat in portions
    • Fresh minced meat
    • Pork
    • Pork chop
    • Beef
    • Processed meat
  • Fresh poultry and game
    • Fresh cock, fowls and chicken meat
    • Fresh turkey meat
    • Other fresh poultry meat
    • Duck
    • Fresh rabbit meat
    • Fresh plump poultry in portions
    • Vacuum sterilized poultry
  • Fresh and semi-preserved fish, molluscs and shellfish
    • Fresh fish, mollusc and shellfish
    • Fresh sea products (others)
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits
    • Fresh potato, starchy
    • Ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables
  • Delicatessen, Home meal Replacement
    • Ready -made meat dishes
    • Ready -made poultry dishes
    • Ready -made vegetables dishes
    • Ready -made fish/ mollusc dishes
    • Fresh pasta (Delicatessen)
    • Other delicatessen products
    • Sandwiches, snacks
  • Frozen food
    • Frozen meat, poultry, tripes & game
    • Frozen fishs, shellfishs, molluscs
    • Frozen (mini) pizza / burger
  • Organic products
    • Organic meat
    • Organic poultry
    • Organic sea food
    • Organic grocery products
  • Health food and diet products, baby food
    • Dietetic and diet products
    • Soup
  • Gluten free product
  • Grocery products
    • Vinegar, pickles, sauce, condiment
    • Soups


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