The Lemon Grove - Critrus flavoured sauces, marmalades, relishes

What we are looking for:
We are seeking retail outlets and a distributor to sell our range of products to the European markets. Our director, Bruce McMichael, has written two books about small food business including 'Cook, Wrap, Sell - How to setup a successful home based business' and one about exporting food and drink products called "Cook, Wrap, Export'.

What we offer:
The Lemon Grove offers a range of Kent, England made sauces, marmalades, relishes and chutneys made by a multi-award winning chef and retailed at farmers' markets, farm shops and food festivals. The products are generally sold direct to the public but can be sold at wholesale prices. Our market research indicates that citrus flavours, particularly lemon and lime, are under represented in this category and have bee well received by our customer base. They are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

  • Vegan product
    • Vegan dressing
  • Grocery products
    • Vinegar, pickles, sauce, condiment
    • Beakfast products
    • Other grocery products
  • OTHER CATEGORY Marmalades, relish, chutney


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