Importer, Distributor, Wholesaler, Formal & Informal Channels from Angola

What we are looking for:
Product category:
International brands
Dairy products
Frozen products – meat / chicken / vegetables

Products with a long shelf life (at least one year)
International branded products

What we offer:
Products imported from France : n/a

Products imported from Europe : flours, canned, dairy products, pasta, sauces, olive oil

  • Dairy products, eggs
    • Milk (range)
    • Fresh butter / margarine
    • Cream
    • Fresh cream
    • Yoghurt, mik dessert, fresh cheese
    • Soft cheese
    • Uncooked cheese
    • Hard cheese
    • Blue cheese
    • Processed cheese spread
    • Fresh cheese
    • Eggs
  • Frozen food
    • Frozen dairy and eggs products
    • Frozen meat, poultry, tripes & game
    • Frozen fishs, shellfishs, molluscs
    • Frozen fruits and vegetables
    • Frozen pastry and baking pastry
    • Frozen ready-made dishes
    • Ice-creams, sorbets
    • Frozen desserts
    • Sweet and savoury finger foods
    • Frozen (mini) pizza / burger


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