Importator, distributor from UAE

What we are looking for:
Categories of products:
Candy, candied fruits, glaced chestnuts
Biscuits, cookies, marshmallows
Cakes, waffles, cereal
Cans of vegetables and tomatoes,
Frozen fruits and vegetables , frozen prepared meal
Biological dairy products
Grocery products, drinks, cereal and chips biological
Fresh cheeses and cheese in pressed pate cooked
Salt, pepper, spices
Teas, infusions
Fruit juice and vegetables
Infantile products

Axes :
Organic products
Halal Products

What we offer:
Frozen products: meats (turkey, beef, duck, chicken), potato French fries and potatoes
Candy: candies, caramels, chocolates, gelatinous candies ...
Bread and pastry shop: croissants, tarts, cakes ...
Other food products: vegetables cans (mushrooms, peas, asparaguses, corns, beans ...), flours, cakes ready to be cooked, sauce (tomatoes and others), fruits cans (pineapple, fruit salad, peaches ...), cans of tuna, of sardines, and mackerels, mayonnaise, jams, biscuits, mineral water, fruit juice, corn flakes, etc....

  • Dairy products, eggs
    • Hard cheese
    • Fresh cheese
  • Confectionery, biscuits and pastry
    • Sweets, candied fruits, candied chesnuts
    • Lollipops
    • Marsmallow
    • Cake
    • Waffle
    • Corn flakes
  • Chocolate product
    • Biscuit
    • Cookie
  • Preserved and canned foods
    • Canned vegetables
    • Canned tomato in purée, sauces
  • Frozen food
    • Frozen fruits and vegetables
    • Frozen ready-made dishes
  • Organic products
    • Organic dairy products
    • Organic grocery products
    • Organic beverages
    • Organic cereal
    • Organic chips
  • Health food and diet products, baby food
    • Baby food :
  • Grocery products
    • Salt pepper, spices and seasonning
    • Tea and herb for infusion
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
    • Fruit and vegetables juices


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