Importer, Wholesaler & Distributor of frozen foods from Angola

What we are looking for:
Product category:
All kinds of Frozen meat, Fish
Dehydrated fruits, Frozen fruits
Salty snacks, Nuts
Sparkling drinks
Dry fish

Axes :
Organic products
Halal products

What we offer:
Products imported from USA : Chicken leg quarter, Beef items
Products imported from UK : Chicken leg quarter & Chicken wings
Products imported from Brasil : All Chicken Items, Hen, Pork, Turkey, Beef
Products imported from Uruguay : Fish
Products imported from China : Fish
Products imported from India : Buffalo Meat
Products imported from Portugal : Milk & Nestle products like cookies, cereal etc.
From South Africa : Fish, From Norway : Fish,
From Thailand : Rice

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits
    • Dried and dehydrated fruit
    • Inshell walnut
  • Frozen food
    • Frozen meat, poultry, tripes & game
    • Frozen fishs, shellfishs, molluscs
    • Frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Grocery products
    • Rice, semolina, couscous, indian corn
    • Chips
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
    • Sodas, colas, tonics
    • Lemonade


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