Importator and distributor from Australia

What we are looking for:
Categories of products:
Rice pudding
Canned fruit - Jam
Vegetables marinated ' style pickled ' (gherkins, tomatoes, etc.)
Salted snacks
Prepared dishes
Frozen pizza
Frozen Desserts and to defrost
Snacks for baby
Alternative meat products

Axes-Special expectations:
Dairy free
Gluten free
Meat free

What we offer:
In Australia: mustard Meshes - Jams Bonne Maman and St Dalfour - Bread to cook Menissez - Brioche La fournée Dorée - Cheeses Ile-de-France, Mon Ami, Babybel, La Vache qui rit, President, Guilloteau, Roquefort Société, etc. - Yoghurt Yoplait - Coffee L'Or
In NZ: brioche La Fournée Dorée - Cheeses Casino cheese - Jam Bonne Maman
In MDD: condiment (mustard) - Tinned vegetables and frozen food, frozen desserts, etc.

  • Confectionery, biscuits and pastry
    • Candie
    • Salted biscuits for aperitives
  • Chocolate product
    • Candie
    • Biscuit
    • Cookie
  • Preserved and canned foods
    • Canned fruits
  • Frozen food
    • Frozen desserts
    • Frozen (mini) pizza / burger
  • Health food and diet products, baby food
    • Baby food :
  • Intermediate food products (IFP)
    • IFP and meat ingredients


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