Importer and distributor from Cambodia

What we are looking for:
Product categories:
Frozen products (seafood)
Canned products, canned goods
Grocery products
Syrups and concentrates, smoothies
Fresh turkey and other meats

What we offer:
Products imported from France: cheese, oysters, foie gras (Rougié), chocolates (DGF), compotes (Boiron)

Products imported from Europe: Spanish
delicatessen (Bellota, Pata Negra), Italian meat

  • Fresh meat and offals
    • Saussage
    • Bacon
    • Pork
    • Pork chop
    • Beef
    • Canned meat
  • Fresh poultry and game
    • Fresh turkey meat
  • Fresh and semi-preserved fish, molluscs and shellfish
    • Fresh fish, mollusc and shellfish
    • Fresh sea products (others)
  • Delicatessen, Home meal Replacement
    • Fresh dough
  • Preserved and canned foods
    • Canned foies gras, truffles, …
    • Canned vegetables
    • Canned mushrooms
    • Canned tomato in purée, sauces
  • Frozen food
    • Frozen dairy and eggs products
    • Frozen meat, poultry, tripes & game
    • Frozen fishs, shellfishs, molluscs
    • Frozen fruits and vegetables
    • Frozen pastry and baking pastry
  • Salted spreadable
    • Homemade terrine
    • Bistrot terrine
  • Grocery products
    • Salt pepper, spices and seasonning
    • Vinegar, pickles, sauce, condiment
    • Seasonal product
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
    • Syrups and concentrates
    • Smoothie


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